July 15, 2023

Philippines finishes 10th in Challenge Cup

In a thrilling battle at the Taipei Gym, the Philippine men's national volleyball team showcased their resilience and fighting spirit in the 2023 Asian Men's Volleyball (AVC) Challenge Cup for Men classification phase. 


The Philippines setled for 10th place after a hard-fought 22-25, 17-25, 28-26, 22-25 loss to home team, Chinese Taipei, on Saturday.


The intense four-set match unfolded with Chinese Taipei securing the first two sets. 

However, the Filipino team refused to back down and came alive in the third set. 


With a lead of three points at 20-17, the Filipinos had the Taiwanese on the ropes. But Chinese Taipei fought back fiercely, turning the tide and gaining a narrow 24-23 advantage over the Philippines.


Amidst the pressure, Madz Gampong went for a crucial down-the-line hit that was initially called out. The Philippines challenged the call, and after careful review, it was overturned in their favor. Steve Rotter's off-the-block hit then granted the Filipinos a slim 27-26 lead, setting the stage for an exhilarating comeback.


Tseng Hsiang-Ming attempted to equalize the scores but inadvertently hit the antenna during the attack, extending the match to a fourth set. The Filipinos continued to threaten a decider, with Rotter narrowing the gap to just two points at 19-21. However, Chinese Taipei's Wu Tsung-Hsuan responded with a powerful cross-court hit, followed by an ace, pushing his team to a commanding 23-19 lead in the fourth set.


Not to be deterred, Noel Kampton countered with a skillful cross-court attack, and Hsiang-Ming's subsequent attack sailed out, bringing the Filipino team within striking distance. Tsung-Hsuan's searing cross-court attack then put Chinese Taipei at match point, 24-21, but Rotter rose to the occasion, going over the block to save a crucial point for the Philippines.


Unfortunately, despite their valiant efforts, the Filipinos fell short as Chen Chien-Chen delivered the game-winning hit for Chinese Taipei, securing their victory.