The Spikers' Turf is a men's commercial volleyball league in the Philippines established by the Sports Vision Management Group, Inc. (Sports Vision).

The league has its beginnings in 2014, when the Shakey's V-League introduced a men's division during its 21st conference. The following year, Sports Vision decided to spin-off the men's division as a separate league, giving birth to the Spikers' Turf.

In late-2016, Sports Vision announced that the league would be merged back in the 2017 season with the Shakey's V-League, which was renamed as the Premier Volleyball League.

The men's division in the PVL ended with the 2018 PVL Collegiate Conference as its final tournament. The Spikers' Turf was revived on October 6, 2018 and was reestablished as a separate legal entity from the PVL. The league did not stage its 2020 season due to the COVID pandemic.

Spikers' Turf, which was last staged in October 2019, will be the first men’s volleyball league to reopen post-pandemic.