May 12, 2024

Marck Espejo sees bright future for Spikers' Turf with Criss Cross' arrival

In the electrifying world of men's volleyball, a new force has emerged, challenging the status quo and igniting a fierce rivalry that has fans on the edge of their seats. 

Marck Espejo stands at the forefront of this revolution, fueled by gratitude toward Rebisco for their bold investment in the sport.

With the establishment of the Criss Cross King Crunchers, Rebisco has not only ventured into uncharted territory but has also set the stage for a bright future in the Spikers' Turf. 

The once-dominant Cignal now faces a formidable adversary in Criss Cross, marking a seismic shift in the landscape of men's volleyball.

While their maiden voyage didn't culminate in championship glory, Espejo remains undeterred, basking in the glow of heightened competition and a burgeoning fan base. 

The 2024 Open Conference witnessed the clash of titans, as the King Crunchers locked horns with the reigning champions, Cignal, in a battle for supremacy.

Despite falling short in a hard-fought finale, Espejo's spirits remain high, buoyed by the overwhelming support of the crowd at the hallowed grounds of the Rizal Memorial Coliseum. 

“Exciting, very exciting po. Kumbaga, mas tumaas ‘yung level ng competition dito sa Spikers’ Turf. ‘Yun naman talaga ‘yung gusto naming mangyari ever since pa talaga,” said Espejo on Friday after the awarding in front of a huge crowd at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum.

Acknowledging Rebisco's pivotal role in elevating men's volleyball, Espejo reflects on their trailblazing journey, spearheading a movement that promises to reshape the sport. 

“Sobrang blessed po at sobrang saya talaga lalo na sa Rebisco company, kay sir Jonathan Ng. Sila ‘yung unang gumalaw, minove ‘yung level ng volleyball sa Pilipinas na ginawa ‘yung Rebisco, ‘yung Criss Cross,” he continued.

Fresh from his exploits in South Korea, the 6-foot-3 dynamo envisions a bright future for men's volleyball, fueled by the momentum of Rebisco's daring venture. 

As Creamline and Choco Mucho battle it out in the ongoing All-Filipino Conference of the Premier Volleyball League, Espejo remains optimistic about the sport's trajectory.

Looking ahead, he calls upon other companies to follow Rebisco's lead, ushering in a new era of opportunity for aspiring athletes across the country. 

“Sana masimulan na ngayon and I hope may mga ibang companies na magtayo ng club para ‘yung mga star players sa UAAP, NCAA, at kahit ibang lugar po ay makuha at tumaas pa level ng volleyball,” said Espejo.

In the crucible of competition, where champions are forged and legacies are etched in glory, the Criss Cross King Crunchers stand as harbingers of change, poised to leave an indelible mark on the annals of men's volleyball. 

With Rebisco's unwavering support and Espejo's unwavering determination, the stage is set for a new dynasty to rise.