March 30, 2023

Mamon sticks to positives in Game 1 loss

AMC-Cotabato  may have lost Game One of the 2023 Spikers' Turf Open Conference finals, but head coach Odjie Mamon isn't letting it dampen his spirits. For him, the team has already accomplished their mission by making it to the finals.


Despite the loss, Mamon sees the potential of his team. 


"It was a close fight. Although we didn't finish yet, it was a close fight. So, what it means is that their potential is up to par with the strength of our opponent's team," he said.


However, he also noted that the team's emotions got the best of them during the game. They were too uptight and frustrated easily, affecting their performance. Mamon encourages his team to learn from their mistakes and have fun while playing.


"It could have been better, they could have done more. It's just that they were not in the right frame of mind that I wanted. In other words, for me, they should have fun," he said.


With only one day left before the next game, Mamon plans to use the time for the team to focus and prepare mentally. He recognizes the importance of relaxation and wants to keep the team from being too serious.


Mamon's positive outlook and leadership have been instrumental in the AMC-Cotabato Spikers' success so far in the tournament. They may have lost the first game, but with Mamon's guidance, the team is sure to put up a good fight come Friday.