May 10, 2024

Jude Garcia crowned Spikers' Turf MVP

Jude Garcia stood the tallest among all as he was hailed as the 2024 Spikers’ Turf Open Conference Most Valuable Player on Friday. 


The Criss Cross superstar provided the goods for his team in every possible department all the way to his first-ever individual award in the country’s men’s premier league. 


Garcia registered the second most points in the conference with 182 points spread through 137 spikes, 34 blocks, and 11 service aces. 


He was also the third-most efficient spiker in the league with a 45.51 percent success rate, the top blocker with a 0.83 average per set, and the second-best server with 0.27 aces per frame. 


Even on the defensive side, Garcia excelled, ranking eighth in reception with a 46.09 percent efficiency rate. 


Composing the Spikers’ Turf Elite Team are three PGJC-Navy stalwarts, two D’Navigators up-and-coming players, and two Cignal standouts.


HD Spikers’ Jau Umandal and Sealions’ Greg Dolor were named as the Best Outside Spikers with the former being the third-best scorer (176 points) and the second-most efficient spiker (50.85 percent) while the latter was the fifth-best scorer (148) and fourth-most efficient attacker (44.98 percent). 


Manning the net were Navy’s Peter Quiel and D’Navigators Rash Nursiddik, the league’s Best Middle Blockers. 


Quiel and Nursiddik finished 1-2 among the middle blockers in the blocking department with 0.68 and 0.63 averages per set, respectively. 


Francis Saura of the D’Navigators copped the Best Opposite Spiker plum after leading the league in scoring with 194 total points while being ninth in spiking with a 39.12 percent success rate. 


Rounding out the players who excel the most in their positions are Best Setter Cian Silang of Cignal and Best Libero Jack Kalingking of Navy. 


Silang averaged a second-best 3.83 per set while Kalingking ranked first in digging (2.50 per set) and third in reception (52.41 percent efficiency). 


The basis of the awards is only up to the round-robin semifinals, and only the semifinalists are eligible to win the conference recognitions.