March 23, 2024

Ish Polvorosa navigates through bounty of talent Criss Cross has

Ish Polvorosa, the seasoned setter of the King Crunchers, finds himself amidst a delightful dilemma as the 2024 Spikers’ Turf Open Conference unfolds its curtains.

It's a conundrum of abundance, a quandary of riches, as the team brims with talent from every corner of the court.

Polvorosa, who recently celebrated his 26th birthday, reflected on the enviable position his team finds itself in. 

"Actually, it's a very good problem for the team; everyone’s a gunner," Polvorosa remarks with a smile, his eyes glittering with the passion for the sport that courses through his veins.

In their recent showdown against VNS-Nasty, Polvorosa's King Crunchers soared to victory in straight sets, marking a celebratory milestone for the veteran setter.

"I’m very lucky to have them as my teammates again, and some of them for the first time. This is my chance to show them that I can support them and that they can support me," he asserts, his voice resonating with determination and camaraderie.

Indeed, in the opening skirmishes of the King Crunchers, the court has become a stage where each player performs their role with precision and flair. Jude Garcia emerges as a beacon of excellence, leading the charge in both skill and spirit.

Alongside him, Kim Malabunga showcases defensive prowess reminiscent of a fortress, while Jaron Requinton ignites memories of his glory days at the University of Santo Tomas High School.

But it's not just the starters who steal the spotlight; Ysay Marasigan and Rex Intal shine in their inaugural roles.

And when called upon from the bench, Pemie Bagalay, Krung Arbasto, Chu Njigha, and Gian Glorioso step onto the court with a hunger to leave their mark.

Yet, amidst the jubilation of victories over Maverick and VNS, Polvorosa remains grounded, acknowledging that the team is a work in progress.

Under the tutelage of renowned head coach Tai Bundit, the King Crunchers strive for consistency, seeking to refine their connections and synchronize their movements into a seamless symphony of volleyball prowess.

"Perhaps our next step is to enhance our consistency, gradually refining our connections, not just in setting and spiking, but in every facet of the game," Polvorosa muses, his words echoing the team's relentless pursuit of perfection.