April 20, 2024

Espejo still pacing self for Spikers' Turf grind

Marck Espejo spent more time on the bench than on the court during their recent clash against PGJC-Navy.


Espejo, a 6-foot-3 open spiker known for his explosive plays, started the game against the Sealions but found himself replaced by Pemie Bagalay from the second set onwards, leaving him with a modest tally of five points by the match's conclusion.


For a player of Espejo's caliber, such a shift in role could raise eyebrows, but for King Crunchers' captain Ysay Marasigan, it's merely part of a larger strategy.


“Hinahabol pa lang din namin 'yung kundisyon ni Marck kasi after his championship in South Korea, medyo nakabakasyon talaga siya,” Marasigan explained, shedding light on Espejo's recent return to Philippine courts after a triumphant stint with the Incheon Korean Air Jumbos in the Korean V-League.


Marasigan's confidence in Espejo's eventual resurgence stems not only from his undeniable talent but also from the familiarity shared among Criss Cross' players.


With setters like Ish Polvorosa, Geuel Asia, and Vince Mangulabnan orchestrating plays, Espejo has already established rapport, having teamed up with them at various points in his career.


“Maganda naman kasi mostly naman sa amin, halos 80 percent naging teammates na ni Marck e, lalo na mga setters; lahat naging setter na niya 'yun,” Marasigan emphasized, highlighting the seamless chemistry within the team.


Espejo's return to peak performance is not just anticipated; it's almost expected.


Despite the initial bumps, the King Crunchers remain poised to secure a semifinals ticket, setting their sights on victory in their upcoming showdown against the Philippine Air Force.