March 21, 2024

Bugaoan reminds Cignal to remain grounded amid strong start

Cignal's towering middle blocker JP Bugaoan stands as a pillar of focus and determination.


With their third consecutive victory secured on Wednesday night, Bugaoan underscores the importance of maintaining their sights on the ultimate prize - the championship.



For Bugaoan, it's not just about the wins stacking up in their record but about the relentless pursuit of their team's overarching goal.


"We always revert back to our goal, why we're doing this. Because that's where it all boils down to, whether you're just playing or playing with a purpose," the 6-foot-3 athlete emphasized, embodying the ethos of dedication and purpose.


Hailing from Far Eastern University, Bugaoan showcased his prowess on the court by contributing 11 crucial points in the HD Spikers’ commanding 25-15, 27-25, 25-23 sweep of Savouge Aesthetics at the Philsports Arena.



Remarkably, Cignal remains undefeated in the tournament, having swept aside formidable opponents like PGJC-Navy and RichMarc in previous matches.


However, Bugaoan remains grounded, acknowledging that their journey is far from over.


"We're not thinking about whether we're peaking because our coaches emphasize taking it one game at a time," the three-time Spikers’ Turf champion stated.


While their performance thus far has been nothing short of impressive, Bugaoan recognizes the areas that demand refinement.


From enhancing team chemistry to sharpening individual skills, there's a continuous quest for improvement within the Cignal camp.


"What we're doing so far now is there's still a lot to improve, so we can't say this is our peak because there's still so much to fix, from jelling to communication, and individual skills," Bugaoan asserted.